Monday, June 27, 2005


So today I had the day off from work and was spending it in all the ways I enjoy most. That is, 1. Not working and 2. Not doing much else. My accomplishments to this hour have been to wander the mall spending money I should not have and lounge in and around the pool soaking up this excellent weather. I did these two things knowing others were working, clinging to every moment knowing I would unfortunately be back working with them tomorrow. Luckily it'll be an extra short week, given that Friday is a holiday (Canada Day, eh!).

Moments ago I took the shawl out for a quick photo shoot. I arranged it artfully on the washing line with the garden as a backdrop, only to find my digital camera needed to be recharged. So apologies for the lack of illustration, but let me describe what it looks like. See the photo below? Way back on May 15th? Well, the shawl a much bigger triangle than that now. The end is near, so maybe it's good that I save the shawl for its final, glorious moment.

I've made a short list of things I should start once the shawl is done:
1. socks for my brother (requested last winter)
2. felt bag for my friend
3. scarf for another good friend

Of course, I could also finish that cardigan I seem to have completely forgotten about too, but who needs a sweater anyway in the summer?!P

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