Monday, October 03, 2005

Belated Birthday Blog!

What's the best thing to do when your knitting goes all wrong? Start a new project of course! I've embraced the multi-project craze and started some ultra-thick socks. Socks are easy. Socks I know. I knit nothing but socks for years. Not that I have more than one pair to show for it, since I gave them all away. Though, with some friendly encouragement from Yvette, a fellow blogger, I will return to the lace scarf shortly. Thanks also to Yvette for pointing out the word verification option to me. It's a real stinker when all your comments turn out to be just spam, so I really appreciate yours!

Yesterday happened to be my birthday and my co-worker gave me the "Stitch 'n Bitch" book. My co-worker claims she knits and has hordes of yarn stashed at home, though I have yet to see a pair of needles in her hands. I haven't given the book a good look through yet, but I know it's one of the popular books for hip knitting.

P.S. Crazy Plates frozen pizzas are tasteless.

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