Monday, October 17, 2005

Fleecey Pretty Things!




It was a Fleece Artist Fest at the CSNF this past weekend and I just adore my purchases! #1 is a silk yarn and cashmere/silk (feels soooo good!) yarn for making the wavy scarf. #2 was the thrummed socks and #3 was a very interesting thing called a Moebius. Let the knitting begin!

I'd like to add that the CSNF experience this year was quite enjoyable. Finally, someone came up with the genius idea of selling $5 evening admission tickets. The aisles were nice and wide and there wasn't too much of a crowd on the Friday night which made it a pleasant shopping experience. And there was a few new vendors which made things much more interesting. Over all, this knitter gives it 4 out of 5 stars!

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Yvette said...

Really? 4 out of 5? I thought it was a little nicer than last year, but from a knitting POV, I wasn't blown away. Too many kits. I can't abide kits.
I think the show is still geared more toward sewing (not my forte). The quilting fabrics were stunning to look at and there seemed to be fewer cranky patrons. I bought a pair of tiny point protecters and an extra small stitch counter at the Mary Maxim booth.