Wednesday, November 30, 2005

T-25 days

This lovely assortment of coloured yarns will turn into Christmas presents over the next few weeks (Yes, there is one in there for me, what of it? I deserve it!) and will be joined by a couple others. I never thought I'd knit anything in bright yellow, but the brother has requested socks to match his hockey team colours. Anyway, wish me luck!

The Moebius seems to be coming along nicely, though you can't really tell since it just looks like a big blob of stitches. My impression is that it's as it should be, but your guess is as good as mine until it's off the needles and on my shoulders.

A few tips on the Moebius cast on if you ever try it. The casting on itself is not hard. It's very easy, in fact. What you have to watch for is making sure that you have the correct number of stitches and that your needles only cross once. Check it at least eight million times before you start your knitting, or you may find yourself ripping it all back and believe me, ripping back a moebius twist is an extreme pain in the rear. It's a pretty easy and interesting thing to knit. You're actually knitting it from the inside out. Figure that one out!

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Not An Artist said...

Moebius is looking cool! Will we be seeing it this week? I promise more Mermaid pics soon... I'm working on an xmas present project that has distracted me somewhat.