Monday, February 13, 2006


Twice through a hot wash cold rinse was enough to felt the bag. It's quite a bit smaller than I imagined but just about bang on the pattern dimensions. Right now it's being blocked around a box to give it a nice stiff shape and a flat bottom so it will sit up on its own. I'll leave it that way for a day or two before finishing it off with the straps.

Meanwhile, I've decided I am going to finish the Florence scarf and a chenille scarf and possibly finish an old (boring) cardigan that have been incomplete for so long.


Not An Artist said...

Wow! That was awfully speedy for your Olympic project... you should make more of them! For all your friends!

Little Knitter said...

Wink wink, hint hint - I agree with Michelle!
It looks awesome - I love the colours! I was a wee bit skeptical at the thought of a hot pink and orange bag, but I should have known you are much more tasteful and clever than that.

I have your sweet little Valentines day heart here - I suppose with your absence you will simply have to enjoy it after you get back.