Saturday, March 11, 2006

My car hates yarn

My car: Oooo, what's this?! You're actually getting a bit of a tax refund this year?
Me: But...
My car: Awesome! I need a little work done, so let's get right on that.
Me: But...I was going to buy some pretty yarn and you know, maybe put some into RRSPs.
My car: Yarn? What am I going to do with that? It's all about me!
Me: But...(sob)


koko puff said...

Oh no! What did your car demand of there nothing left for yarn?!?

Kelly said...

$500. The bastard!

a2o2 said...

Hello Kelly,

Finally I got a chance to write you back. Thanks for all your comments to Mamush (El Timido) :).

Your blogs got me into knitting again. I am a very amateur one though. I had knit a “sweater” when I was a teenager and I had knit a scarf for my husband last year. The other day I try to make a pillow for Mamush. It is done. As soon as I capture a good shot when she is on it, I will post it.

-Aysen ( Mamush’s Human)