Saturday, May 20, 2006

Celebrity Shopping!

No, that's not me. Hahaha!

That's Mischa Barton, aka Marissa Cooper from The O.C., of which my kid sister and I are huge fans. Marissa, who died tragically (and poorly, I might add) on Thursday night's season finale.

Anyway, we were shopping in downtown Toronto at the H&M store at the Eaton's Centre this afternoon, and my Aunt (also a big fan) recognizes Mischa's mother and puppy first and then spots her! We couldn't believe it. We shared space with Marissa Cooper! She looks pretty much just like she does on TV, but it's weird to have someone transported out of tvland to right there alive in front of you.

In other celebrity news, I also spotted Graham Greene (you know, Dances With Wolves) down at Simcoe & Front streets earlier this week.

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