Saturday, September 23, 2006


For anyone who has been buying Fleece Artist Seasilk, or will be, here's a quick note! When I bought my first skein back in the winter, it was 500 metres of yarn. A couple of weeks ago I bought another and noticed that it was only 400 metres and still being sold at the same price and still noted as 100g. I could tell simply by looking at the newer skein that it was smaller than the first. So when you're shopping around, check out the yardage! Maybe you'll find an older skein.

And a warning about an upcoming project. I'll be knitting this.

Don't ask.


Not An Artist said...

You know, I just checked the label on mine and it has the 5 written over with 400 on it! So it must have been right after they switched weights. I wonder why they did that?

Kelly said...

I think they're trying to fleece us! har har!

koko puff said...

I think you should note that while you ARE crazy enough to knit the Princess Leia hat (and I am sorry I ever sent that link to Mr. Z now!)...please assure folks you haven't lost it completely and you will NOT be using sea silk for it!

Little Knitter said...

Yeah.. wait... WILL you be using the sea silk for that?

and I'm asking - Leila Hat?

The Blonde One said...

A Leia hat? You've got to be kidding!

DeAnna said...


Nancy Parsons said...


This is Nancy from - just lurking and learning. :-)

I thought you all might be interested in knowing that the original 500m notation on the Sea Silk tag was an error -- Hand Maiden caught it quickly and changed it, but not before many skeins had gone out with erroneous yardage. The true yardage has always been 400m/100g. I think they may have originally been told/thought it was 500g, but it never was.

It is true that some skeins look smaller than others, but a quick trip to the gram scale will demonstrate that the weight is the same (there seem to be two types of skein twisters at Hand Maiden - one very loose and the other very tight). If the weight isn't really 100g +/- 3g as a margin of error, then you have a defective skein which Hand Maiden will augment if you inform them.

I absolutely cannot explain the skein with the 400g crossed out and 500g written over it however. Some mysteries are best left unsolved. :-)

Joyous knitting to all!

Joyous knitting!