Monday, October 02, 2006

It's My Birthday!

Will you check out this fantastic knitter's birthday cake Ms. Blonde One made for my birthday!?! I was blown away! Seriously, THANK YOU Ms.B! My month long birthday festival began yesterday with High Tea at the Knit Cafe with Kokopuff and Michelle where we sipped tea and nibbled on treats and pet the yarn surrounding us.

I was well-gifted by the Knutty Knitters with a swift and winder which I can't stop playing with! At work Vanessa gave me some beautiful jewellery she made, Vilma gave some delicious smelling candles and chocolate and is sending me to buy some yarn (woo!) and Zack gave me Lord of the Rings figurines. Of course, family has spoiled me even more rotten!

I tried for almost an hour to take some decent pictures of all the loot, but either my camera skills suck (likely) or the lighting sucks in my house (also likely), so I gave up.

It's my birthday!


a2o2 said...

Hey this cake is great! You are a lucky one Kelly :)ENJOY!

p.s Good job Ms. Blonde One ;)

Not An Artist said...

WOW! Amazing cake. Happy birthday again!

koko puff said...

Ahhh, such a yummy cake. Thanks for getting older and giving us a reason to celebrate. Good job convincing Amber to make you that scrumptious cake! Clearly, your power of persuasion knows no bounds.

Yvette said...

All the best. Have a faboo year!

Martina said...

Too bad Koko didn't get to play with the ball of yarn on the cake!

Leslie said...

Whoa, that's one interesting cake! Hope you had a happy day.