Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Sky and Knitting

It's a lovely, rainy Saturday, perfect for knitting and movies and baking.

Don't let the stretch of days between my posts let you think I'm not doing anything. I've got lots of stuff on the go and one or two I'm not ready to show today. They'll be coming up in the next few days.

I started Bobbilicious a couple of weeks ago. It's serving as a side project. With its big chunky yarn, needles and stockinette stitch, this will be what I go to in between the other knitting. It knits up fast and the bobbles are fun. It'll be perfect for the winter around the house when it's chilly and very festive with the berry red colour.

Then I've got two more Sea Water Scarves to knit for Christmas presents (less than two months away!). I'm pretty sure I could knit this pattern in my sleep now, but who can complain about knitting with silk?

I'm dying to start doing some cable work, so I've decided to knit Forbes Forest in the alpaca from Rhinebeck. I'm not ready to cast that on yet, though. I need to those two scarves well on their way first.


a2o2 said...

I love this Bobbilicious. I can’t wait to see your :)

I am in knitting mood too since it’s rainy. Of course I don’t dare to start a project like one of yours because I am just a beginner.

I have a question if you do not mind. I am planning to knit a triangle shawl—no special pattern, a simple one like the one I used for Mamush’s desktop mat.

I purchased Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn (I went inexpensive since I am new to this. I just don’t know where to start making the triangle; from the tip and increase or vice versa? And also I don’t know if I should - increase or decrease – at every full round or at the end of each row.
I even don’t know the language of knitting, so I hope what I say makes sense.


koko puff said...

Hey Kel - the bobbilicious looks great - just motoring along. Well a rainy is better than a snowy I'm thinking; especially if you plan to be outside! But of course if you are inside knitting and drinking wine and completing ridiculous work related documents than being inside is better!

(Yes, it's snowing here in Winnipeg. Luckily I have two warm cats to keep me toasty company - don't tell Koko)

Yvette said...

Great photo of the scarf. What texture.