Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Power Knitting

I've been on fire this week (for me).

I motored through and finished (but not blocked) my second Sea Storm Scarf and started my third. I think this makes me a certified Sea Captain and Fleece Artist will have to enlist me for the fleet (pay me in yarrrrrrn!).

Bobbilicious grew by 108 yards and I threw in a suede flower for fun.

This also means I'm well ahead of my Christmas schedule, so I was feeling cocky and ordered a Fiber Trends dog coat pattern for a friend's doggy. He's a big puppy so I'll be doing the one on the left.


Not An Artist said...

My god woman, slow down you're making the rest of us look bad! Where have you been on tuesdays anyways? Clearly not knitting!

a2o2 said...

You are a real talent! My even very simple triangle shawl did not go well. Instead of a shawl I had knitted a myliobatidae. Now I pulled it out and started over.

DeeDee said...

Looks awesome! It also looks like you'll be busy for a while. I hope it all goes well.

By the way I like the leia hair.