Monday, March 26, 2007

The Year of Lace

Dear Readers: So sorry for blocking your comments and not providing a picture yesterday. Something went wonky! Please proceed!

This is definitely the Year of Lace for me.

Here we have the beginning of the Estonian Garden Wrap; a gigantic piece of lacework that will likely take me months to complete. That psychedelic coloured yarn is the provisional cast-on and I'm knitting with those new, fancy, dancy addi lace needles.


pat said...

Kelly - the Estonian Garden Wrap is my very favorite shawl...I love that it is rectangular (I definitely wear it more than the triangular ones)
I hope you enjoy the knitting and love your wrap as much as I do.
Your Lacy Kerchief Scarves are beautiful!!

aao said...

I am curious about this one. I love the rainbow part. Or is it only for some kind of marking? Forgive my lack of knowledge