Monday, April 16, 2007


Checking my Bloglines tonight, it seems like almost everyone was busy updating their blogs. I also came home to a little poke from someone to update my own, so here it is:

More of the same!


I'm at about the 26th of 41 repeats before I work the edges. Because it's a very simple and repetitive pattern I'm moving along fairly steadily (for me).

For my non-knitting readers, lace just looks like lumpy knitting until you wet and stretch it .


martina said...

Kelly, the lace is looking good! Bring it by the store for show and tell when you are done!

Not An Artist said...

K, you are a lace-knitting speed demon!

Jason said...

i just came by to poke you again, i swaer. i work here is done :D