Saturday, May 12, 2007


Pulling out the waste yarn and picking up the stitches to start the second border.

The finished product before blocking. Lumpy, lumpy, lumpy.

(sorry for the dark photo)

Blocking. Love those nupps that make the lily of the valleys.

The Estonian Garden Lace Wrap complete!


Yvette said...

OMG!!!!! It's stunning. You should be so proud of yourself. What a classic. Am I gushing? Why, yes, I believe I am.

koko puff said...

So lovely. The pictures don't do it justice! I sure wish I HAD borrowed it during the week in St. Catharine's -- it was bloody chilly.

Amy said...

WOW! Googled Firefly Knitting hoping to find another knitter who loved Firefly/Serenity - and there you are! But this shawl!! Dang!!! It's gorgeous!! I'll be back!

Do you know about the Sci Fi KAL? I just stumbled upon it today - definitely going to be knitting some of the patterns there!

owl knits said...

The shawl is just stunning. I enjoyed other parts of your blog too!

owl knits said...

The shawl is absolutely fabulous. I also enjoyed the rest of your blog.