Sunday, June 01, 2008

Spinning Wheel Alpacas

Yesterday morning Mom called and said suggested we go to Ikea, but I came up with another suggestion. My local yarn store advertised an event that was a short drive out into the country to the Spinning Wheel Alpacas farm. So off Mom and I went to visit some of the cutest alpacas ever at their shearing and fibre show. It was a small scale event with vendors selling everything from yarn, to stained glass, jewellery and artwork. But the best part were the alpacas.

When we arrived, the alpacas were calmly moving in a bunch back and forth in their large pen. These ones were already sheared, and inside the barn was where the cuts were taking place. Apparently it takes about nine people to hold an alpaca down, but it was all very calmly done.

Also in the pen were two of these awesome, friendly dogs and two funny pot belly pigs. I'm sure the dogs were there for safety and protection of the herd, but what the pigs were there for I have no idea, other than comic relief.

There were a couple of ladies there spinning and selling yarn (no credit cards?!) . It was a great little visit and if I were ever to have a radical life and career switch, I might be an alpaca farmer. A few more photos over at Flickr.


The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oh my gosh! how cute!

Katie K said...

They look like elongated poodles!

Not An Artist said...

That is hilarious! I love the funny sheared guys wandering around. Alpacas are so goofy :)

koko puff said...

Cristina showed me some of the roving she got from one of the alpacas -- so beautiful and soft!