Saturday, June 04, 2005

For the love of Libraries

I haven't been to the library in years because I'm a selfish reader. When I read a book I like to keep it. I like seeing my collection of books on the shelves in my home. To not keep them would be like giving away my children (if I had any). Ok, we'll not talk about the 60-70 neglected books sitting there waiting to be read, ignored month after month as I'm distracted by newer, younger books. But today things changed. Whitby tore down its old library and built a beautiful new one that opened on May 25, 2005. 54,000 sq. feet, floor to ceiling windows, hundreds of brand new Dell computers, a lovely little cafe and the promise of a reflecting pool. Oh it's fabulous. I was impressed. I got my own library card. I checked out a book (KnitLit Too) and a couple of cds and I promise to give them back!

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