Thursday, June 02, 2005

Social Shawl

The Goldielocks shawl has had a busy and very social week. With the weather so beautiful now, the shawl spends each morning in the park by work watching the dogs go by and folk, young and old, doing tai chi. It's a relaxing way to start the day and the shawl is very reluctant to leave it's bench beneath the trees. With the shawl growing in size each day, I can now only get a maximum of three rows done before I have to scoot around the corner to work - always a minute or two late! It's so big now that I can't spread it across the two needles to see how it's going, so I won't get a good look at it till it's done. The shawl attended the 2005 Convocation of the Ontario College of Art & Design (in the nosebleed section) and applauded the over 400 graduates who now enter the real world (good luck!). The shawl has participated in the Union negotiations (torture) and made a trip to visit my friend in London where it saw the inside of the Ford auto plant. If the shawl is not done by next weekend it will take the trip north to see cottage country and hang by a lake. Plus, the shawl cannot wait for two weeks of holiday in July when it can sleep in, relax and just be a shawl.

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