Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sock it to ya

First off, who put the damn negative sign in front of my temperature and what's up with that stuff falling from the sky?? How many more days till spring?

Well, after a whole lot of fleece twisting, the first thrummed sock is proudly shown here(with the Goldielocks Shawl serving as backdrop).

Before the thrum sock was done, though, the giant, thick and warm Christmas socks were also completed and ready for shipping.

On the point about them being so freaking enormous. I know. I knew as I was knitting that they'd be big. I wanted them that way. They're working as intended, but I understand that their size might alarm the general public and the recipient of them, so I've decided to also include a normal size pair of knitted socks to assure my friend that I'm not entirely insane.

For comparison purposes observe all three socks together. See, it's really not that bad.

The old Florence Lace Scarf has been staring menancingly out of its plastic bag at me for the last...oh, couple months or so, and finally the guilt piled up enough for me to take it out, rip it all back and start fresh. Except, all I did was cast on the first 50 stitches and put it down again. I'm afraid! Lace is scary!

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Anonymous said...

So...reveal the mystery: what is the purpose of the large socks?