Monday, December 19, 2005

it's a secret!

Tomorrow at work we have our Christmas Potluck and ornament exchange where everyone is suppose to make an ornament and wrap it without their name on it. I've knit up a few of my traditional mini-mittens for the event, so it probably won't be much of a secret!

On the go this week:
- sister's scarf
- brother's socks
- a few small projects where possible


Not An Artist said...

Hey! How come nobody tells me?

Kelly said...

No worries, Michelle, it was a Student Services thing. ;p

Little Knitter said...

Thanks for mine!! It's awesome - my little tree will be snug as a bug decorated.
And Michelle: you weren't even here this week, Miss "I have the week off." You get to sleep in!

Not An Artist said...

Hee hee... silly girl. I was just jealous 'cause I wanted a mini-mitten too ;)