Monday, December 12, 2005

From the Workshop

With Christmas looming, production has really sped up around here and not just in the knitting department, but let's start there first. I've completed four presents, which are already wrapped. I'm about to finish a fifth, which I can't talk about for security purposes. The brother's yellow socks are almost done, and the sister's scarf is about a 1/4 done. The sweet child picked out a simple yarn and just wants a straight garter stitch, which makes for fast knitting and allows for the possibility of a matching hat. We're in good shape! Anything added after these are done will be gravy. I'm hoping to squeeze out a few of these very cute Unusual Toys by Jess Hutchinson.

Things are going well in the decorating and wrapping department too. The sister and I picked out a tree in a record 30 seconds and at the excellent price of $19.99. Plus, I'm wrapping presents as I go, so there they are beneath the tree already. I've even managed to buy for the most difficult family members first, so I'm feeling remarkably calm about the holidays. And in the baking department I've got the cookie dough ready in the freezer for next week's production. Unfortunately, I managed to burn out the motor on my hand mixer and had to hightail it up to Mom's to finish it off. Oops.

And tomorrow is the Christmas Potluck Lunch for the newly formed Knutty Knitters at work, and I've got to finish the finger sandwiches tonight!

Hope your own holiday preparations are going well too!


Not An Artist said...

Pretty tree! I'm jealous, ours is a fake. Real trees smell so nice, too.

AND, I have to borrow that Unusual Toys book from you one of these days ;)

Little Knitter said...

Holy Macaroni - 4 knitted gifts already done and wrapped?! You are my new hero. I am so impressed. Maybe also a little frightened as well.

I agree with Michelle - that tree looks hot hot hot. Mine is sadly fake AND only 3 feet (proportional to its owner?)