Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Of Harlots and Insects

On the left we have The Harlot and on the right we have Michelle, who joined me tonight to go (knit) and listen to The Harlot speak about her (knitting) adventures and latest book (about knitting). The Harlot is just as funny in person as on her blog, and one very down to earth and charming knitter/writer. We had a good laugh listening to her, and everyone in the room brought their knitting. We sat behind Laura whose knitting style and speed had me completely fascinated. To think she's only been knitting seriously for two years now makes me feel like a total amateur.

Yeah, so about the bugs. The Textile Museum of Canada has a show on called A Terrible Beauty, which truly is both terrible and beautiful to behold. There are literally thousands of these enormous bugs laid out in ordered patterns much like wallpaper, and while some of them were quite bejewelled and wonderful to look at, it was a little freaky seeing so many big dead bugs glued to the walls. It's definitely worth the trip to see!


KD said...

I hope you did not purchase anything at this event....things that begin with the letter B, for example.

Not An Artist said...

Oh god the bugs... I will have to get those pics up on my blog, too. Thanks for the awesome pictures!