Thursday, January 05, 2006

Revenge or Devious Plan?

Imagine this. You're out for lunch with your friend and you find yourself short on cash (again) and she covers you. You stop at the first bank machine to pay her back and she attempts to debate the debt, but you force the $20 on her and flee. Your friend decides to take revenge and purchases you a great knitting book as a bonus Christmas gift.

The flaw in her plan, though, is that as a knitter you can continue the viscious cycle with a knitted gift in return. But then, this makes you think, was it her revenge or a devious plan?


~Jo~ said...

I think the world needs more friends like yours! ;) How about teaching her to knit, then she'll always owe you! LOL!

Little Knitter said...

What a perfect plan! Genius even. This friend of yours... smart cookie regardless of whether it is revenge or a devious plan.

Missed you and your voracious wit today at the knitting lunch - you must promise to wear the shawl some time soon so that we can all admire and oooh and ahhhh over it.

jae said...

to answer your kamut question - i get kamut at my food co-op in the annex. you should be able to find it at other health food stores though - it'd be called kamut kernals or whole grain kamut... sorry i can't be of more help.
have fun with fleece artist!