Friday, December 30, 2005


I'm a little behind on the knitting trends. I think it's because I didn't believe I could actually knit some of the things I see out there. But last night my hands were itching and I had this beautiful Noro silk garden yarn, so I finally decided I would try a miniature version of the Clapotis.

It moved along pretty fast and watching the colours blend was fascinating. I'm a huge fan of this yarn now.

I adjusted the pattern as follows:
- work section 1 as is
- work section 2 once; repeat rows 1-6 once (or to desired width)
- work section 3 eleven times (or to desired length)
- work section 4 rows 1-12 once; repeat rows 1-6 once
- work section 5 as is

Mine measured about 40" long and 8" wide (stretched), though due to the nature of the Clapotis, as it ravels up it's about about 2" wide.

I only used a little over one 50g ball of the Noro, using 5mm needles. Dropping the stitches was a lot of fun. At about 4:00 a.m. I finished it and decided I will definitely knit the full version of the clapotis. Possibly with the same yarn again.


Not An Artist said...

Oooh, pretty! I love the colours of the Noro... I've never worked with Silk Garden, what's it like to knit with? And I can't believe how quickly you knit that up. My Clapotis took me more than 2 weeks, mind you it was full size and I made the mistake of making it out of nylon tape on aluminum needles. Argh.

Happy New Years!

Little Knitter said...

Now THAT is a scarf! It's true - all the people in Europe (not just Paris, those trendy Italians do it too) wear fabulous scarves. That's where I bought my sassy beige pashmina scarf from. But hmmmm.... I think I like yours better!