Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Romping at Parties

Here is a fascinating Slipper Sock Gift Item - Easy to Make. Slip-ons for relaxing or romping at parties and around the house.
-Miss Mary Maxim

I really don't know what kind of parties Miss Mary Maxim is romping at in these slipper socks, but this Pixie pattern was easy as pie to knit.


joy said...

Those slippers are so cute! Where did you find the pattern?

Little Knitter said...

These look EXACTLY like Sarah's mis matched slippers that she knit!

Yvette said...

I spent my childhood in those exact slippers. My mother must have knit 30 pairs of the things for herself and my sisters over the years.
Go on. Add the pom pom. You know ya wanna!

Kelly said...

The pattern's an old one passed on to me by my grandmother. Like Yvette, I can remember her knitting us tons of them.

koko puff said...

Cute shoes. Tired of looking at 'em. New post please.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find that pattern...I lost mine and I'm lost without it. I would even settle for a photo copy. E-mail me at willsfam@sympatico.ca and let me know how I could aquire one. Thank You in advance.