Saturday, April 01, 2006

Drunken Chicken

Me: I'm making drunken chicken on the bbq tonight.
Friend: How drunk do you have to be?

With spring in full effect, I've been out at the bbq almost every night. Tonight I'm attempting a Drunken Chicken. Basically, you make a rub and glaze and stick a beer can up the butt of your chicken and cook on the bbq until you have a deliciously tender, crispy skinned chicken that will melt in your mouth. Mmmmmm!

Meanwhile, the second sleeve on the Ribbed Yoke sweater should be finished this evening and then I'll be on to the final step (the funky collar) and then we sew it up! The little man's birthday is a week today, so I'm feeling great about it.


Not An Artist said...

Oh jealousy ;) I miss having a bbq. Chicken looks tasty!

Stephanie said...

That looks yummy to me and I don't even eat meat.

Jen said...

oh man that looooks TASTY

a2o2 said...

Poor chicken!
I am just kidding :) It looks so tasty. I took the bbq out but not use it yet.