Saturday, April 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Little Dude!

Dear Little Dude,

Today was your 1st birthday! Happy Birthday!

I've been looking forward to your birthday for weeks now and all that time I've been working really hard on your sweater. It's a first for me too. The first sweater I've ever made.

I loved the pattern and I loved knitting it. I ordered the yarn special and worked diligently on it and nothing else. Sorry, I'm not the greatest sewer and sorry that it was still a little damp when I ran out of time and had to wrap it (I seriously underestimated cotton's power to retain water) but I hope you'll wear it just one time so I have a picture of you in it.

Love, Aunt Kelly

P.S. Oh, and Little Dude's Momma? I forgive you for not giving me a loot bag. All that tasty food and desserts made up for it!


koko puff said...

I'm in shock! Not because the sweater turned out beeutiful (there was no question - well except at the beginning where there was that metric/imperial issue...), but because you posted this at 9 am on a Sunday! You must have stayed up all night and be just on your way to bed!

Not An Artist said...

Koko, where are you seeing 9am? I see 11:40pm yesterday...

Gorgeous sweater by the way Kelly! I'm sure the reciepient will love it, how could he not?