Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things are getting woolly around here

wool·ly also wool·y (wl)adj. wool·li·er, also wool·i·er wool·li·est, wool·i·est
Relating to, consisting of, or covered with wool.
Resembling wool. Lacking sharp detail or clarity: woolly television reception. Mentally or intellectually disorganized or unclear: woolly thinking. Having the characteristics of the rough, generally lawless atmosphere of the American frontier: wild and woolly

I've been trying to knit. Really. I've surrounded myself with knitting books from the library amd all my available yarn and needles, but I just can't settle on what to do. Something's sure to stick soon. Until I figure it out, I leave you with some prize winning wool from the Royal Winter Fair a few years back.

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Martina said...

Wool gathering are you? :-D I'm so funny! Some project will call your name soon I know it!!