Saturday, August 26, 2006

Farewell 1994, Hello 2007!

Today, after almost 13 years and 172,000 km, me and my 1994 Saturn parted ways. That car and I had some great adventures. Some of our escapades have included:
  • New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI (best unplanned trip ever)
  • trips to Montreal, one via Haliburton (who could forget?!)
  • cottage weekends to Lake Benoir
  • car rallies at Crystal Lake
  • countless visits to where ever my friends have chosen to live
  • trips to and from Trent University (Woo! Head of the Trent)
  • one nail biting winter drive to Little Britain without windshield wipers
She's been pretty reliable and my constant companion, but in the last year the old 94 has been losing steam and she's been getting expensive to maintain. Those of you familiar with her, have probably been laughing at me because her window can't make it all the way to the top (we all sag eventually) and I've had to use packing tape to seal her up and keep her dry. I didn't mind.

So she's a little rough around the edges, but right now she runs just fine. Unfortunately she can't stop. Her brakes are kaput.

I'm sad to see her go to Car Heaven because of all the memories, but I think I'll find some comfort as soon as her shiny new 2007 replacement rolls up into my driveway on Wednesday night!


koko puff said...

Good bye trusty car! I will miss you, as I have enjoyed many a trip with you as well (only feeling a bit sad that our trip to Haliburton via Montreal didn't rank in the list!).

I am however, looking forward to the new, younger model, with the passenger side cup holder! Especially since she is coming on board JUST IN TIME for the Knitter's Fair...

Yay Kelly! (FINALLY!)

Not An Artist said...

Good bye Plum, hello Storm Grey! Congrats on your new baby!

Martina said...

A sad farewell....may her soul be born into the new car!!

The Blonde One said...

what a lovely vehicle! I am sure your trusty new steed will serve you well.