Saturday, September 09, 2006

KW Knitters' Fair

Today myself, Mrs. Peeps, the blogless Ms. Blonde One and another friend trekked out to Kitchener-Waterloo for the Knitters' Fair.

Ok, this place was jammed packed. To the gills. Barely room to breathe. There was so many people there that it was very difficult to really enjoy the shopping experience because you couldn't touch and feel and linger over the yarn with everyone on top of each other and pushing to get closer. I'd give the event a C+. It could be greatly improved by a bigger venue and an extra day.

Still, we were able to make purchases. I picked up some more sea silk for a Christmas present and some blocking wires finally. You can see them here, with the Storm Water Scarf (almost done!) and the Garter Stitch Jacket (not nearly done enough) serving as backdrops.

After the Fair, we jumped over to St. Jacob's for some more shopping and I grabbed a pair of shoes on sale.

Then it was home for naps for all of us. Zzzzz!


Martina said...

Hmmm....I didn't see the sea silk..but I did get a seagrass basket!

Not An Artist said...

OK, I feel better about missing it after hearing your review, I'll just have to live it vicariously through all y'all on the blogs.

koko puff said...

Hey, good progress there on the jacket! And the scarf! (Just wondering - are you ever going to hang that piece of artwork that's on the floor?)

Feeling better today and hopefully will be in good shape for the CSNF...