Monday, September 11, 2006

Send 20 balls of Noro ASAP!

Dear Knitters,

Please send me 20 balls of Noro Kureyon as soon as possible so I can knit this! The Lizard Ridge Afghan from the new Knitty. I want, I want!


Not An Artist said...


Twenty balls of Noro? Not a cheap afghan, that. Sure is pretty though!

canknitian said...

Oh man. I want to make one too.


The great thing is, I think a person could knit this one piece at a time. Just buy two skeins at a time and go from there...


koko puff said...

This is just a shameless birthday hint, isn't it? Attn Knitters: October 2. Apparently cake and noro are on order.

a2o2 said...

I’ll go and buy a POWERBALL ticket today. If I win I got you 40 Noro (and maybe a chair like that too). Promise!

Tracy said...

I googled the mary maxim pixie sock pattern and you came up. My daughter cut my pattern up into tiny pieces on me, and mary maxim has yet to get back to me after a month of trying to locate the pattern. I to got the pattern from my late grandmother. Wondering if you can let me know where you found yours and if you have any ideas where to get one again.