Saturday, September 16, 2006

Near Disaster at

Disaster was averted during the final stages of the seasilk Storm Water Scarf! Mrs.Peeps and I were on a train bound for Ottawa to attend a conference (on Parliament Hill!) when the last of my yarn disolved into a giant tangle. Luckily Mrs. Peeps knows her knots and was able to restore order.

We also had a chance to visit Yarn Forward, a local yarn shop in Ottawa. I picked up the pattern of the Fiber Trends Estonian Garden Wrap that I've been considering for a while now. I didn't buy any yarn for it. I'll wait till October's Creative Sewing & Needlework Show to find something.

But before I even think of starting that, I've got to finish the seasilk scarf and get working on the garter stitch jacket.


koko puff said...

It was a fun trip - let's do it again sometime (perhaps minus the sea silk mishap?)!

I love the pattern. My vote is for white!

Yvette said...

Snakes on a Plane! What an ambitious pattern. Good luck!