Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Backyard Leaves

Happy New Year!

I've finally been able to start this scarf and I love the pattern. Only three repeats are shown here, but I'm actually about to start the eighth. I messed up the wybs (for the stems) over the first four repeats, but since this scarf is knit in two halves I don't think the error will be that visible. I'm pretty easy going about these things and even Muslim weavers make one intentional error in their perfect rugs, because only God is perfect. Amen to that.

The pattern is available in the ScarfStyle book and Interweave's Holiday Gifts issue.


Little Knitter said...

Amen to mistakes indeed. I have no worries of needing to intentionally put in a mistake, it all happens naturally.

Nice scarf!

Jason Meltzer Patterson said...

I need a scarf!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, somehow I hardly ever have to intentionally add a mistake either!