Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Weekend!

It's the weekend again!

Here are some closeups on the Lacy Kerchief Scarf progress. I'm moving along steadily and with it being one of the chillier weekends, I expect to get a fair amount done.

Thanks to all those who raised their hands as potential recipients of the shawl. You never know!

I'm a little concerned about blocking this. I think I'm going to need a lot of pins to cover all the cast off points along the edge. The instructions do say "block lightly" so maybe it's not even necessary to do so.


Andrea said...

I'm loving the way your kerceif is turning out. Must knit this in the future.

Ella said...

I may have missed it in a previous post, but what is the actual colour of your lacey kerchief? In the first picture I'd guess peach, the second hot pink and the third a light purple!
It is beautiful but the colour thing has me really confused!

Kelly said...

Hi Ella! I've noticed the colour changes too and I think it's because of the lighting. In fact, it's not any of those colours! It's a pink and it most closely resembles the second pic, but a little bit darker. I struggle with the photography part every time I blog something. ;p

Leah said...

Gorgeous! I always admire lace patterns but haven't got the courage to try one. Keep going, it looks amazing!

koko puff said...

Ok girlfriend, you seriously need a new camera...I could understand pic one and two being the same colour but different lighting, but that last one -- good grief! I just thought you were motoring along and started a second scard in one of the other colours you picked up at Lewiscraft. But if that is the same item, that is quite bizarre!

Little Knitter said...

With your talk of having so much of the cotton (including purple) I also thought you'd been knitting your fingers off and had started another one!
sure does look pretty!