Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Knitting!

I had a short but very enjoyable visit from Kelly today. She abandoned Koko yet again. We ate good food (if I don't say so myself), and knit while we watched some home reno shows.

(For aao: the funny coloured yarn at the bottom is just waste yarn that will be removed when I go back and pick up the stitches.)

Today's only downside was the snow. You, Mr. Snow, can go away!

There's been half a dozen robins hopping around my backyard today so I know spring will return.

The Addi lace needles are amazing. I highly recommend them for all you lace knitters. The pointy tips are a big help and they're smooth like you expect Addis to be but not slippery and they're almost completely silent. They're worth every penny.


Jason said...

forget sexy! bring SPRING back!

koko puff said...

Hey, you are motoring must have figured out what row you were on...looking good!