Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birds, Beavers, Butterflies (and Baskets of Yarn) Nature Festival

So last weekend I went to Thickson's Wood*, a local reserve for their yearly nature festival. It was a great event where I went on an hour and a half nature walk guided by a man with the most incredible amount of knowledge on flora and fauna. He taught us a lot and I enjoyed it immensely. Lots of things were going on at the event and one of them was a silent auction where I was happy to find a basket donated by the Kniterary. I placed a bid and won it and now I have eight balls of Hempathy, a nice Cabin Fever shawl pattern, a set of bamboo needles, and a bottle of Soak. Not bad, and the money goes to maintaining this wonderful place.

*Thickson's Woods is the last remnant of old-growth white pines on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Once reserved for masts of sailing ships of the British Royal Navy, the towering pines provide a vital resting place for countless migrating songbirds each spring and fall.


koko puff said...

Nice basket of goodies!

Speaking of Kniterary, at the DKC meeting tonight they announced that Martina was looking for folks who might like to do knitting for the store. I think that was it. Anyway, thought of you of course.

Jason said...

oh wow

very cool! :D

Martina said...

I am so glad that you got the basket! Yes I am looking for people who I can call on to do knitting. Thisckson's Woods is a gem isn't it?