Thursday, October 04, 2007


Tuesday was my birthday and there were knitted cupcakes!

2 weeks till Rhinebeck!


StarSpry said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Awesome cupcakes :)

Suzanne Ress said...

Happy Birthday!

If you're going to Rhinebeck, please stop by and say hello - I'm the channel producer for Knit-A-Yarn, a new web channel for knitters that just launched. We'll be filming at Rhinebeck for our video PodCasts ( I know this sounds l ike shameless self-promotion, but we're just starting out and simply want to get the word out to knitters who'll be at Rhineback.

Jason said...

happy belated birthday!

kelly!! what's wrong with you!! lol!!!

as for the House stuff on my blog... yes... the House writiers were just doing something smart not to make the show go stale... most shows wait until it is too late!!!

basically as the story goes, Cameron and Chase are still working in the hospital and no we haven't seen Foreman yet. They will ALL get re-wriiten into their main character roles and probably end up being part of the team

in the meantime House is holding HILARIOUS auditions for his new team..

the best thing you can do to catch up is go the the House MD blog on my sidebar. i love those guys... crazier about the show than me and you can watch every episode!

hope you get this in time!