Saturday, March 22, 2008

+5 Dex

One gauntlet done, the second in progress. With winter still hanging around, these gauntlets will get some use before the real spring arrives. I love Noro yarn.

Only the geeks among you will get the title of this post.

The Counterpane Carpet Bag is slowly being assembled. At the moment I'm seaming up the edges, need to cut the lining and I'm still looking for bigger circular handles (sorry, Kel!).


Not An Artist said...

I am going to blame the geek I'm marrying for the fact that I got that title.

Great armwarmers! It really is the year of Noro.

koko puff said...

Finally - a real post, thanks!!! I don't get the title so I guess I'm not the geek Walter thinks I am, eh? Oh yeah, cool kid.

If you want to go a different shape for the handles, you will have more options...see the Knitomatic blog from Feb 23...

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

I like them! Very cool!